Taking Your Own Fashion Blog Photos

Fashion bloggers need great photos to attract readers. Even if your writing is on point, bad pictures will make people pass you by.

Instagram is good for OOTDs (outfit of the day) and quick style inspirations, but fashion blogs are where serious fashionistas go for advice, tips, and trends. Here are some things to keep in mind when taking fashion blog photos:

Create a Photo Set

Taking your own fashion blog photos can be more affordable than hiring a photographer and can add an artistic voice to your site that isn’t available with stock images. You can start by creating a mood board, or idea book, to collect fashion imagery that speaks to you. This can be done online or on paper to share with the rest of your team. This will also help you keep out of copyright trouble since it’s against the law to lift pictures without permission. A little planning on the front end will save you time on shoot day. You’ll also be able to work on posts as soon as you have the shots in hand, rather than waiting for a lookbook to be sent to you.

Model Yourself

Great models fully envelop themselves in the world that their art directors drop them into. They may do this with an imaginative pose or bold accessory, but it also involves acting as if they were born to be the character they’re modeling for.

It’s important for fashion bloggers to keep this idea in mind, even if they are doing their own photo shoots. It’s easy to get carried away with spot removal and other post-production changes, but the most captivating photos of people are those that show them flaws and all.

It’s also best to keep the photo set in mind when choosing outfits. It’s easier to put together an interesting look when all of the pieces fit into a coherent story.

Keep It Real

Fashion bloggers are often able to more easily transition into photography because of their understanding of key visual aesthetics such as line, shape and color. They may also have a greater understanding of a subject such as clothing, makeup and accessories than many other people.

That said, fashion bloggers need to be able to put their own spin on things and stand out from the crowd of other blogs that are doing the same thing. Taking your own photos is a great way to add your own aesthetic voice to your blog posts.

When shopping for clothes, consider stepping outside the store and finding some cool local spots to shoot at. This will add a lot of variety to your fashion blog photos and will give your readers something to engage with other than just the clothes. It’s also a good idea to mix up your poses. Using the same pose over and over again will get boring for your audience.

Keep It Simple

While it may seem like fashion bloggers take photos and then go about their day, there is actually quite a bit of planning that goes into their posts. Creating a photo set, choosing props that speak to their style, and strategically posting the photos in a way that tells a story takes time and effort.

Adding a pop of color, a bold accessory, or changing up the location can make a fashion blog photo look totally different. Fashion bloggers also spend time actively connecting with other accounts to get ideas and build relationships. Follow accounts that are more progressed than you for inspiration and don’t be afraid to leave genuine comments and questions!

Avoid overdoing it in post-production with things like spot removal and unnatural skin correction. The goal is to capture a natural beauty that makes you unique as a person and as a brand. The right balance between quality content and a high-quality curation of photos is key to success.

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Fashion Blogger Jobs

Fashion blogger jobs are a great way to earn money and pursue your passion. Fashion bloggers share their knowledge about the latest trends, styles and designers with a sizable online audience through internet media.

To become a fashion blogger, you need to be creative and have excellent photography skills. Investing in a fantastic camera will help you click beautiful flat lays and gorgeous photos.

1. Writer

The job of a fashion blogger is all about posting content that grabs the attention of audiences. The content could be anything from style inspiration moodboards, trend coverage to product reviews. However, one should focus on a niche as it will help them in building a loyal audience base and meeting their expectations with ease.

The role of a fashion blogger also includes styling photoshoots and collaborating with brands for sponsored posts. Moreover, they can write copy for various eCommerce websites that work with fashion products. This is because fashion bloggers are well-versed with what words captivate interest and how to write irresistible headlines. Besides this, fashion bloggers can also work as a writer for magazines and other publications. This requires them to have good public relations skills too.

2. Photographer

Fashion bloggers need a great deal of photography skills to create attractive flat lays and pictures for their blogs. They need to know how to use a DSLR camera and be able to take good, clear photos.

Being a fashion blogger is an exciting career option as it offers a lot of perks. You get to try new clothes and shoes and even work with brands on sponsored posts. You also get to become famous and make a lot of money.

Some fashion bloggers have gone to such heights that they have become celebrity influencers in their own right. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, for example, has her own shoe line and even a book out! Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad is another big name in the game.

3. Designer

Fashion bloggers have a lot of creative freedom, and their content can be anything from beauty tutorials to fashion hauls and lookbooks. A fashion blogger also needs to have basic public relations skills, as they often collaborate with brands and companies to promote their latest collections or products.

They may also design their own line of clothing or accessories, but this is usually only done once a blogger has a solid following and has built a brand that their audience trusts. Other designer jobs that fashion bloggers might do include being a style influencer, a stylist or a photographer. Fashion blogging is a very lucrative career choice and can lead to multiple opportunities. It’s a great way to explore your passion and be creative.

4. Model

Fashion bloggers have the opportunity to work with brands, models or individuals. Their duty is to promote or display a brand’s apparel and footwear in order to make them appealing and popular with the audience.

Fashion Bloggers are also responsible for curating and editing content that is presented through blogs, vlogs, websites and social media platforms. This is why it’s important that they have a good knowledge of proofreading and editing so that they don’t post anything with errors.

Many fashion bloggers have a niche that they focus on. This allows them to build a dedicated following and create content that is relevant to their audience. This can include lookbooks, style inspiration moodboards, trends coverage or even catwalk reporting. They can also get a fair share of sponsorship opportunities or collaborate with brands to help boost their income.

5. Social Media Influencer

Fashion bloggers have multiple job opportunities as once they become popular they are able to get hired by various sectors. They can work as a Fashion photographer, Author or a Social media influencer.

All influencers must be 110 percent passionate about their chosen subject and create content that resonates with the audience. They must also be willing to spend a lot of time meeting people and connecting online. The most successful influencers are able to use their platform to grow a loyal following and then cultivate relationships with companies who want to work with them. They can make a lot of money by collaborating with brands and attending events. Some even earn from ad sales and sponsorship deals. They may even be called upon to organize discussion panels with other fashion bloggers and experts.

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