HTML5: A Comprehensive Course on the Latest Web Coding Language

Codecademy Review – Is Codecademy Better Than Quora?

Codecademy is a gamified code-learning platform with 20 coding languages and courses that range from beginner to advanced. Its attractive user interface, built-in code editor, and clearly arranged course dashboard are positive features. However, some Quora users complained that Codecademy’s lessons are too chunked-down and don’t teach students how to solve big-picture problems.


Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 (HTML5) is the latest version of the coding language used to structure and present World Wide Web content. It is a living standard that can be updated as the needs of the web change. This version includes a number of enhancements to the old coding language, including improved accessibility and efficiency.

It also allows for more dynamic web sites and supports multimedia, such as video and audio. This feature is especially important as the smartphone-owning demographic continues to grow. Previously, users would need to employ JavaScript or Flash workarounds to make their websites responsive, but HTML5 now offers these features natively.

This course will teach you the basics of HTML and CSS in just nine hours. You’ll learn how to create a fashion blog, a wine festival schedule, and more, all while gaining real-world experience. You’ll also gain valuable skills and a professional certificate for your resume. Best of all, the lessons are free and can be completed at your own pace!

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