Vancouver’s Top Fashion Bloggers: Style, Inspiration, and Travel Tips

Top Fashion Bloggers From Vancouver, BC

Alexandra Grant, aka To Vogue or Bust, is the Vancouver fashion blogger with sophisticated everyday style. Her look conveys an elegant Parisian flare. She has collaborated with big names and regularly updates her blog.

Alicia Quan’s IG account is filled with relatable style advice and travel inspiration. She also shares styling tutorials that are easy to follow.


Cara McLeay is the babe behind the popular blog A Fashion Love Affair, chronicling her styling tutorials and journey as an industry professional. Her laidback style is a fun, refreshing take on everyday chic, and her blog is a one-stop shop for lifestyle inspiration.

Jessica Luxe is a master at conveying moods through her photography and outfit choices. Her photos are often vibrant and cheerful, while her style can vary from bohemian to more upscale. This versatility makes her a great source of inspiration for those looking to add a bit more color into their wardrobes.


She’s a fashion blogger who shares relatable beauty and style posts. Her effortless take on classics paired with current trends offers an exciting look at daily style for the everyday fashionista.

Alicia is an influencer who blogs about her experiences in the city and beyond. Her blog is a helpful resource for locals and travelers alike. You can find travel inspiration, fashion tips, and beauty hacks.

Her style is influenced by place, and she’s one of the most popular Vancouver fashion bloggers. Her refined photography gives her content a polished feel.


Michaela is a lifestyle influencer and blogger who has garnered significant attention on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. She focuses on a variety of topics, including fashion, beauty, and travel. Her content includes vlogs, makeup tutorials, and covers of popular songs.

She is also a fitness enthusiast and a yoga instructor. She has worked with many brands, and her content is engaging and entertaining.

Her style is unique and fresh, and she aims to prove that “a real girl with a regular clothing budget can be really fabulous.” Her Instagram posts are also inspirational.


Jenny is a fresher at Constance Billard who consistently tries to impress Blair and the other older girls. She also tries to be a force on her own, challenging anyone that she doesn’t agree with.

Alicia Quan, known as Alicia Fashionista, chronicles her take on fashion in Vancouver with her blog. She says that her mission is to prove that “a real girl with a real body and a regular clothing budget can still be fabulous.”

Her casual chic look shows readers that you can have stylish outfits without breaking the bank. She and Agnes plan to crash a benefit in Inglourious Bassterds to get financial backers for their line.


She’s an expert in luxury travel and her carefully curated Instagram feed has us feeling calm and inspired. Her content also includes tips and tricks on how to travel with ease, ranging from how to get a visa to study in Canada to how to book your next trip.

Her fashion and lifestyle content is relatable to any girl, as she proves that you can still be chic and fashionable on a budget. She often has detailed tutorials on her blog as well as TikTok and has worked with some big name brands.


Carolyna is a fashion blogger who lives in Vancouver, BC. She focuses on travel, food, and style. Her photos and videos showcase the best that Vancouver has to offer. She also writes about her experiences and reflects on her personal life.

Alicia Quan, the digital darling behind Alicia Fashionista, proves that you don’t need to be a celebrity to look fabulous. She is a real girl with a regular clothing budget, and her casual chic style inspires readers around the world.

Her mixed ethnicity is also an attraction to many viewers as she is half Scottish and half Nigerian. She also acts in several movies, including Deadly Care, and has a charity foundation.


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Alicia Quan proves that a regular-sized girl with a budget can still be a style icon. She inspires her followers with relatable outfit inspiration and travel tips and tricks.

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