Marie/Maria/Miggle is a UK-based, Colombian-American journalist, editor, and creative consultant. After receiving Bachelors Degrees in Journalism and Spanish Literature from New York University in 2013, she moved overseas to attend the University of York, where she completed a Masters program in Modern & Contemporary Literature and Culture. She then went on to serve as Bustle.com’s Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor for two years.

Her essays and reporting focus largely on fashion, beauty, body image, fat liberation, eating disorder recovery, sex and relationships, motherhood, and feminism. They can be found on global news and lifestyle publications including Bustle, Romper, The Establishment, Everyday Feminism, Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Ravishly, DazedSelf, The Debrief, and Huffington Post, among others. She launched a personal blog on fashion and size acceptance in 2012 called Migg Mag.

You can also see her discussing body image on Good Morning America and StyleLikeU.


In addition to her work as a writer and editor, Marie is an English-Spanish translator and has worked in film and novel translation (as well as personal correspondence) while living in both New York and Spain. Please contact her if you need a freelance translator.

If you’d ever like to strike up a conversation, Marie is passionate about cream cheese, lipstick, Star Trek, and creative nonfiction.


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