Hola y bienvenidos! Marie (whose name is spelled “Marie,” though she has always been called “Maria”) is a Colombian-American writer, editor, and creative consultant currently based in northern England. She covers issues of fashion, beauty, fat acceptance, body image, parenthood, sex and relationships, pop culture, and books.

As an advocate for body- and fat-positivity, Marie hopes to help de-stigmatize cultural standards of beauty and worth that lead to so much unnecessary and painful self-criticism and greater marginalization of people of size. Her bylines have appeared on Bustle, Romper, Everyday Feminism, Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Dazed, Healthline, Self, and Elite Daily, among others. You can also see her discussing body image on Good Morning America and StyleLikeU.

Marie earned Bachelors degrees in Journalism and Spanish Literature from New York University, as well as a Masters degree in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture from York University in the UK. When she is not cleaning up one of her children’s bodily fluids or re-watching Frozen for the umpteenth time, you may find he investigating taking up a new career in mortuary sciences, reading or watching the latest dystopian series on the market, or trying to enjoy a plastic toy-free bath in total solitude.

She is open to working with brands and individuals who are passionate about feminism, size acceptance, parenthood, Latinidad, and plus-size style, and looks forward to chatting with those interested in collaborating. If you are a plus-size retailer seeking creative consultation from an actual plus-size woman immersed in the fatosphere, she’d love to hear from you as well.


In addition to her work in digital media, Marie is an English-Spanish translator and has worked in film and novel translation, as well as personal correspondence, while living in both New York, New York and Madrid, Spain. Please contact her if you require a freelance translator.

If ever you’d like to strike up a conversation, some of her other interests include cream cheese, lipstick, Star Trek, and creative nonfiction.

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