Marie (otherwise known as Miggle or Maria) is a freelance journalist and regular contributor at Bustle.com. Her loves include: Writing about plus size fashion, body politics, and fat positivism, watching a lot of sci-fi, and listening to ungodly amounts of folk music. When she’s not lingering on Bustle, she’s probably working on her blog, trying to write her first collection of immersive journalism essays, or experiencing a rage cycle about Breaking Bad no longer being in her life. She can be found discussing body image on Good Morning America and StyleLikeU, with writings on Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and Volup2.

She is also an English-Spanish translator and has worked in film and novel translation. Gabriel Garcia Márquez is her spirit animal.

Additionally, she is passionate about cream cheese.

(Will not write for “exposure.”)


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